Mindful Youth Institute

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Welcome to the Mindful Youth Institute!

Researching Mindfulness as an Intervention for Youth with Learning Difficulties.

Kids Who Practice More
Some kids take to mindfulness like a "duck to water."

To learn strategies for kids who are receptive to mindfulness and practice MORE....

Kids Who Practice More
Kids who "need it the most" are often resistant to mindfulness.

To learn strategies for kids who practice mindfulness LESS...

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Mindful Youth Institute

Welcome to the Mindful Youth Institute

We’re happy you’re here! Please view our services and videos. You can also donate to our GoFundMe campaign!

Our mission is to help at-risk children with learning difficulties and behavior problems lead happier and more productive lives by developing and implementing school interventions that decrease bullying and increase academic performance, self-regulation of attention, and positive emotions.


Learn More about how ADHD affects you and ways to manage ADHD with the ADHD & Me series.

Help Teach Bullies Compassion

Take a moment to visit our GoFundMe page to help us develop a unique program to teach compassion.

Mindfulness w/Emily

View some great videos from Emily and learn about Mindfulness with Emily. And you can check out the Kids’ edition too!


Check out our resource area that is constantly growing!