You Can’t Stop the Waves, But You Can Learn How to Surf

How mindfulness can help with addiction

Mindfulness-based parenting (MBP) has been found to be effective in reducing parental stress, abuse, and child behavior problems in families where one or both parents abuse drugs.

Meditating on Their Feet Helps Calm Aggressive Kids

I wish I had known about this mindfulness practice when I was a teacher.

Slowly, wiggle your toes, feel your shoes on your feet, feel your socks, feel the bottoms or soles of your feet and the heels of your feet against the back of your shoes. Keep breathing and focus on the soles of your feet until you feel calm.

Is Your Inner Critic Limiting Your Potential?

Low self-esteem and performance anxiety

My inner critic is very quiet. But it’s there — especially when I’m trying to do things I haven’t done before or where I’ve experienced failure. Like when I was a grad student, taking an advanced class in statistics. “You’re an idiot,” was a thought that often scrolled across my mind when I was sitting in this class.

From Flashbacks to Love

Perhaps the most powerful thing you can do to help someone suffering with traumatic memories is to take a few minutes to mindfully listen when they are very distressed — listen kindly and without telling them their actions were right or wrong and without giving advice 

Hope in Hopelessness

Mindfulness and Psychosis

Because mindfulness training focuses on developing awareness of thoughts with kindness and curiosity and exploring feelings with calmness and acceptance. It can help people with psychosis relate differently to their inner experiences.

The Uncommon Truth about ADHD & How to Deal with It.

Most people think ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) makes their brainwaves go faster. But it’s actually the opposite of what everyone thinks.

How Can I Keep Myself from Eating Too Many Cupcakes in the Break Room?

Why is self-control more difficult at times?

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to study for a test or balance your budget when you’re dieting or starting a rigorous exercise program? Do you find yourself eating a lot of donuts in the break room when you tell yourself you don’t have time for lunch?

What do you say to people who think mindfulness doesn’t work?

Mindfulness is not one-size-fits-all. While mindfulness can increase attention and emotion regulation and body awareness — all skills that can help with trauma recovery — some people feel tightness and constriction when meditating.